Grid Beam Guide


Grid Beam is a simple technique to build things from re-usable parts.
In the Grid Beam system, there are 5 types of parts:
  • beams (wood, aluminum, or steel)
  • nuts and bolts
  • skins (plywood, sheet metal, or fabric)
  • accessories (wheels, lights, sinks, drawers, etc)
  • adapters, which let you bolt odd-size accessories into the system


The key to Grid Beam's quick assembly and strong integrity is the tri-joint:when 3 beams join together with 3 bolts, they form a strong bond.
To see how this works in action, let's construct a simple work bench!


Beams are square sticks, where the width is the same on both sides.
Each beam has a repeating hole pattern wherethe distance between each hole is equal to the width of the beam.The hole pattern is the key to Grid Beam's modularity and interoperability.
Beams can be made from either wood, aluminum, or steel.

Nuts and Bolts

The nuts and bolts are the fasteners that connect the beams together in the strong tri-joints.


Skins are the flat planels that go over the beams.


Grid Beam thrives with standard sizes.
  • Name
    System of measurement
    beam widthmaterialshole diameterbolt diameter
    1 1/2 inchwood5/16 inch1/4 inch
    1 1/2 inchaluminum13/32 inch3/8 inch
    2 inchaluminum, steel7/16 inch3/8 inch
    3 inchaluminum3/4 inch1/2 inch
  • Name
    "How To Build With Grid Beam" book
    System of measurement
    beam widthmaterialshole diameterbolt diameter
    3/4 inchmetal9/32 inch1/4 inch
    1 inchmetal11/32 inch5/16 inch
    1 1/2 inchwood5/16 inch1/4 inch
    1 1/2 inchmetal21/64 inch5/16 inch
    2 inchmetal7/16 inch3/8 inch
  • Name
    System of measurement
    beam widthmaterialshole diameterbolt diameter
    40 mmwood8 mm6 mm

Accessories and Adapters



Have fun building the future!

Read the book

"How to Build With Grid Beam" by Phil Jergenson, Richard Jergenson & Wilma Keppel


Have a play with a prototype Grid Beam sandbox!


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